Top 5 Most Effective Fat Burners of 2024

We've compiled a list of the top five products in this category on the market today.

Updated on May 28, 2024

Mandy Morrison

Senior Consumer Investigator,

With so many different fat burners on the market, finding one that actually works can be overwhelming. In this article, we will be taking a look at five of the best fat burners of 2024.

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Our product comparisons go through a very strict review criteria, consisting of both internal expertise as well as external research such as product reviews and professional lab opinion. We assess a score based on effectiveness, ingredients, value and customer service.

If you’re looking to lose weight fast, an effective fat burner can make a real difference, helping you reach your goals quickly and safely. But you need to choose a supplement with a proven track record with ingredients proven to actually make a difference. A good fat burner will boost your energy and mental focus while also improving your training intensity and helping you slim down. You’ll also feel less hungry which should make it easier to resist unhealthy snacking.

After testing 100s of different fat burners, we learned that many fat burners contain inadequate quantities of their most beneficial ingredients. That’s because the ingredients proven to work aren’t easy to source, nor are they cheap. In addition, while fat burners containing green tea extract, l-tyrosine and caffeine can help assist in losing weight, they pale in comparison to fat burners that contain breakthrough natural ingredients such as berberine plant and flavanoids, (more on these ingredients below). Unfortunately, it’s not cheap or easy to source these ingredients, which means many fat burners don’t include them, (or enough of them) to see visible results. You might be familiar with a successful product being hyped up by main stream media over the last year (hint it starts with O and rhymes with Ro-dem-pick). But did you know the active ingredient in that product is derived from a plant?

Berberine extract when properly processed, replicates the effects of “O”, which is currently the world’s most powerful weight loss product – the hidden advantage of leading actors, bodybuilders and Hollywood stars. Unfortunately, it is seemingly very difficult to acquire. It wasn’t until a scientists made an incredible discovery, a safe and legal alternative to the active ingredient in “O”, which is accomplished by carefully processing berberine plant extract with this proprietary formula. Based on thousands of reviews and our own testing, these ingredients are by far the most effective at helping people lose weight in 2024.

What to Look for in an Effective Fat Burner

Appetite Suppressant – If you are on a diet and find it hard to suppress unhealthy food cravings, then an effective appetite suppressant will be your savior. No matter how difficult it is for you to suppress your appetite, it can do wonders.

Increased Metabolism – Simply put, your metabolism is all of the chemical processes that convert carbohydrates, proteins, and fats from your food into the energy that your cells need to function. By increasing your metabolism, you’ll have more energy and lose more weight, even when you aren’t exercising.

Energy Boost – Most health experts will tell you that energy levels are a combination of genetics, sleep, and exercise. Oftentimes those who struggle with weight problems don’t have the energy and motivation to exercise. An effective fat burner should give you an energy boost to help you stay active and power through exercises.

Mood Boost – We want to wake up each morning, ready to get up and go. A fat burner that boosts your mood can help ward off emotional eating and sleeping disorders while helping with motivation to give you the drive you need to succeed.

What to Avoid

High doses of caffeine for energy – As many of you probably already know – too much caffeine can cause nervousness, jitters, anxiety and issues with tolerance. An effective fat burner should use natural ingredients that work well in-conjunction with caffeine to provide you with an energy boost.

Dangerous ingredients – This can be a real issue with unknown and/or new brands. Always use a fat burner that contains all-natural ingredients. Lookout for products that sneak in dangerous ingredients that can put your health in jeopardy.

New companies without a proven track record – As mentioned above, unknown and/or new brands can be dangerous. These companies like to make outlandish claims because they don’t plan on sticking around. Lately we’ve seen countless Keto Products popup in Google from various unknown brands, we recommend steering clear of these products. We haven’t been able to confirm the ingredients or effectiveness of any of these products.

Our Top Fat Burner Ranks

#1 Pure Berberine

by True Tone Labs

4.8 / 5






Berberine: Better Than Ozempic?

Of all the fat burners we tested on the market, Pure Berberine by True Tone Labs is the clear winner. Berberine contains all of the most potent, safe and natural ingredients available in one powerful fat burner.

Unlike other fat burners, Pure Berberine does NOT rely heavily on caffeine, (it contains 250 mg of natural caffeine) which means you won’t build a tolerance and you’ll actually enjoy the energy and motivation it provides. We found ourselves waking up every morning looking forward to the AWESOME mood and energy Berberine provided.

Berberine contains the perfect blend of ingredients to suppress your appetite and boost your metabolism. That means you’ll find yourself eating less and burning fat all day even when you aren’t exercising.

Berberine is perfect for those who want to completely transform their body but have struggled to in the past. This incredible combination of ingredients makes it incinerate fat just like Ephedra, which is without a doubt, the most powerful fat burner in existence. But unlike Ephedra, it’s safe and all-natural!

True Tone Labs who makes Pure Berberine has been producing high-quality dietary supplements for years with of thousands of satisfied customers. True Tone Labs also performs its own independent thorough testing and research when developing their dietary supplement formulas. As we previously mentioned, we strongly recommend you only buy supplements from well-known companies with a strong track record.

We noticed True Tone Labs is a verified merchant with TrustSpot, TrustSpot only collects and displays 100% verified buyer reviews. Their current TrustScore is 9.6 / 10.

All True Tone products are manufactured in the United States, and follow strict Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) in order to conform to the guidelines recommended by agencies that control the sale of pharmaceutical products, dietary supplements, and medical devices.

True Tone Labs offers a 60-Day money back guarantee with their product. This guarantee applies whether you only tried one capsule or you used the entire bottle. We’ve found True Tone Labs to be honest and upfront about returns and honoring their commitment. There’s no hoops to jump through, simply return the unused portion of your product (which may be just the bottle), send it to the company, and your refund will be processed.

A few drawbacks to consider:

Popularity for berberine has considerably increased and we’ve seen that Pure Berberine is out of stock sometimes for months at a time.

Since Pure Berberine is so effective, we strongly recommend users exercise caution and don’t go below what’s considered a healthy weight. Recommended not for use under the age of 18.

True Tone Labs is currently running a promotion to get up to 3 bottles free in their most popular package. Tap below to get the coupon. Promotion ends May 28, 2024 at midnight.

Runners Up

#2 FitSpresso

by Independent Health


3.9 / 5






Bottom Line: Not Recommended

FitSpresso is made by Independent Health which has been around since 2002, that combined with the fact it includes high quality Caffeine, coffee bean extract and L-Tyrosine is why we included it in this list. We wonder if this is just another rebrand and attempt to sell more product by Independent Health. We do not recommend.

#3 Sero Lean

by Sero Genesis


3.6 / 5






Bottom Line: Don't Buy

New doctor developed weight loss product that offers a safe and natural alternative to brand names, providing you with an effective means to manage your weight and overall well-being.

#4 Puravive

by Katavallo Health

3 / 5






Bottom Line: Avoid

Pura Vive is a fat burner supplement created by Katavallo Health. Its primary goal is to increase your metabolic rate for more effective fat loss. Pura Vive came in 2nd because it contains high quality Luteolin, Kudzu and Holy Basil. We think these are staples in creating a modest energy boost to assist in fat loss, unfortunately it lacks the unique ingredients that our #1 pick contains.

#5 LIV Pure

by Korpro Health


2.7 / 5






Bottom Line: Ignore

LIV Pure fat burner is a dietary supplement aimed at aiding fat loss using all-natural ingredients. Not much is publicly available about the product formulation, nor the company who manufactures it. We have decided to include it because of sparse reviews of the product showing promising results, but it will need to stay in the number 3 spot.

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